About us

Main Ideas is a full-service marketing communications and branding agency. No matter how challenging or complex the marketing situation, we're able to discern the single compelling reasons why someone should care about and buy into a brand. Then we bring that message to life in a way that gets results. What sets us apart is the fact that our recommendations are based on information gathered about the company using our unique brand development process. This knowledge leads to simple and effective ideas. Company founders, Lisa Peterson, and Steve Peterson are both experienced business-to-business and consumer marketers. They are backed by a team of brand, creative, interactive, and public relations professionals that turn strategy into action and have fun doing it.

Our History

It all began when Lisa left the ad agency she’d worked at for 4 years to start her own agency. Her goal was to offer effective solutions at reasonable prices, superb customer care, and quick turn-around for clients. Her first client was Raven Industries, a client we are fortunate to work with 27 years later.

In 1998, Steve joined Main Ideas to help with the growing demand for websites and interactive media solutions. Before that, Steve was a Programming Manager for a company which created industry-specific software. He brought with him a high level of technical expertise and management experience that has benefitted our company and our clients greatly.

Through the years, we’ve been hired by large and small companies to help them with their marketing and branding efforts. We don’t try to be all things to all people. We do work hard and smart to create communication pieces that help our clients positively influence their prospects and grow their sales.

When need be, we put together a “dream team” to work on a project, utilizing some of the best freelancers in our area. This benefits our clients because we’re not stuck working with certain employees who may or may not have the skillset(s) we need for a particular project.

We’re small by design and have low overhead so you save money. And when you call us, you’re going to get one of the owners. You’ll never be handed off to a junior executive or intern.

The experience we’ve gained and the lessons we’ve learned over the past 27 years has helped keep us strong so we can continue making a positive impact for our clients.